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5 Tips for extension lead electrical safety. Are you a homeowner or a DIYer? You're planning to use extension leads outside in your garden. Stay with me. I have five safety tips for you.


First, safety tip. Choose the right extension lead for your intent. First, this one is an extension lead to use indoors. Second, this one is probably something with you looking for four sockets,25 metres, a 13 amp fuse, and a thermal cut out.

Second, safety tip, please check the extension lead. Check the condition of the cable. Just unwind it, unwind it fully and then start using it safely.

Third safety tip. Make sure that your extension lead is positioned correctly and safely.

Safety tip number four. Each extension reel has its own rating. Power rating. This one, when it's on the reel, is 720 watts. Unwind, it's 3000 watts, 3 kW and has four sockets. It's worth checking the power of the devices we will use, and if they exceed the cable rating, they might overheat and trip the breaker in your house, eventually electricity in your home.

Tip number five. When you stop using it, just unplug it, and wind it back. Obviously, when it's plugged in, it's a hazard for your friends, yourself, family, and pets. If you have any, put it back on the reel, and stick it in your garage or shed in a safe place. It will be ready for next time. See you in the following video.