At Solid Electrics, we believe in transparency. That's why we offer an open-price strategy tailored to our customer’s preferences. Knowing the cost upfront is essential, and we strive to provide our valued customers a fair deal.

Our approach guarantees you receive the best possible price based on a minimum project fee or a fixed price for the entire job. As a local electrician, I would like to share some of the business's costs with you.

  • Being a member of a professional organisation such as NAPIT, NICEIC
  • Public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance – required by all schemes
  • Administration in-house or external depends on the size of the business and model
  • CPD – known as Continuing Professional Development, take time off for training and related exams as BS7671 and “safety check” training involved with those changes
  • Marketing fees like leaflets, social media advertising, and local magazines
  • Accountancy fees
  • Hand tools and power tools
  • VAN leasing or rental
  • Diesel
  • Insurance of vehicles
  • Certification and calibration of tools as testers (compulsory by all schemes to provide accurate and safe readings)
  • Utility bills – in the case of many electricians who are one man band, these are some % of their house bills
  • Office rental – again, in many cases for sole traders, this cost is related to a summerhouse or small unit or room in their property
  • Engineer salary – this varies and depends on localisation in the country and experience.

Do you have inquiries about our pricing? For example, what is the cost of our services? Also, are you curious about the difference between the hourly rate and the minimum project fee?

The minimum project fee is £80 for the first hour and £40 for each subsequent 30 minutes.

The hourly rate is the salary of a fully qualified electrician working permanently or on a sub-contractor basis which you can find on job portals or lead generation websites.

We often answer this question by referring to the abovementioned business running costs. Businesses need this investment to operate and deliver quality services, be reasonably priced, and pay their employees the salary they deserve.

Electrical engineers, although when best qualified without these expenses, cannot be presented to valued customers like yourself.

Typical examples of pricing ranges for some of my services:

Type of service



Install one replacement light



Domestic EICR



New EV Charge Point



Additional socket outlet (per point)



New external security light



Install IP-rated bathroom light



Consumer Unit Upgrade 18th edition 8-way RCBO



Fault finding



Replace the bathroom extractor fan 



Replace customer-supplied lights 

minimum project fee x hours 


Install outdoor socket



Replace the white socket/switch 



If you need a quote, please get in touch with us at 023 8181 0636 as soon as possible. Our team is committed to providing excellent service and ensuring you receive a precise and comprehensive estimate. Please be aware that the price guide only provides an approximate estimate for typical domestic jobs. To obtain an accurate and definitive quote, it is necessary to conduct a thorough survey of the proposed assignment.